Just a few days ago I came across a website with the title “There is No God” and with the caption saying “destroying gods through education and entertainment”. What is wrong with this statement? Well, how can you destroy something that does not exist? Ok, I get it you are talking about destroying the “idea” that says “There is God”. All right, if it is merely an idea, what’s the big deal? Why dedicate so much of time and resources to destroy something that does not exist?

The very reason that there are these kinds of websites proves and shows that there is a God who is more real than just an idea. The very fact that there is atheism proves that there is a living God. It will be a joke for people with such high level of thinking ability will dedicate their entire lives to disprove a God who simply exist in people’s imagination.

For example we all know that there is no Santa Claus, but we don’t get upset when we see that fat old man with red suite one Christmas eve, do we? I haven’t come across a group of intellectuals publishing facts arguing stating “There is No Santa Claus”. Why not? Cause it will be stupid to argue over something that does not exist.

So all of you out there who argue that there is No God, Think again? What or who are you really trying to destroy? Is it God, or the Idea that there is God?

Maybe what you should really think about is "why I am so angry with God?"



sohit bhardwaj said...

there is some power which is regulating our world,,,,,we cant exist all alone here

Sam Gray said...

Yap... your are right there. The question we should all ask is "what or who is this power?"