Logic vs God

It’s astonishing to realize that Logic itself has been structured to prove that there is an absolute being beyond our human comprehension.

To understand how logic proves God we would need to ask some very fundamental questions. Let’s start with a very simple question “How did everything begin?” There can be only two sensible answers for this question. One: “Something created everything” or Two: “Nothing created everything”. When we apply logic to these statements only one stands out true. Can nothing ever make something? I am sure your answer will be NO. Nothing will only produce nothing no matter how much you try. If you do nothing the outcome will always be nothing no matter how often or how long you do it. The statement that claims “nothing must have created something” fails to stand the test of logic.

We are left with only one logical explanation, which is “something must have created everything.” I am sure some of you may argue that just because something has created everything, that something doesn’t have to be God. I agree that this is a very logical argument. In my next few articles we will thus try to define this Something that have created all things. Some of the questions we will try to answer would be such as: What will be some of the attributes of this “something”? When and how did this “Something” exist? Is this “Something” God?

I believe that God has structured logic to prove His existence. For so long people have been using logic to disprove God. They made fun of us who believe in an Absolute being who had created all things. They accused us of being emotional and not rational. But I think it’s about time we let the world know that to acknowledge God is to be logical and not irrational.

Kater B


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bp said...

Great post! I typically post a lot about success in life, and the fact that God can be proven logically is incredible! I love this blog!
is also a great place to read about Bible Studies.

David said...

The idea of the anthropic principle is a very compelling argument for God. The anthropic principle is the idea that the universe is fine tuned for life. That we exist really is proof of God. I think the problem comes in after we accept the idea of God. Then what? The nature of God is speculation. That is where religion comes in. I think a lot of people get tied up in knots over this speculation.

TopBanana said...

Logic can neither prove nor disprove "God". When you use logic, you eventually come up with definitions or non-definitions of "God"...You will therefore have created "God", whom you either believe or disbelieve.

This is how I would answer the question: Is there a God?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Maybe

Answer: 24

pikey said...

I wonder what created God... from your point of argument, all things are created by something....

Then God must be created by something too, and what is that something? If there's a the father of God, then who is the grand father, great grand father... and so forth..

If we use this argument, we can't just stop at God. We just had to admit, we still don't know the answer and not just stop and put the conclusion as God.

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Rob said...

Excellent post, and yes, I would agree that this, and many others like it, are logical examples of God's creation of all things. To me, it's either God created the universe, or the alternative view which is, in the beginning there was nothing and no one and for no reason at all matter, energy and life all just exploded into existence. This later view is just silly.

Glory be to God.

A Fellow Believer said...

Science has just now caught up to your posting. They have proven the existence of God through String Theory and the 11 Dimensional Macroverse. See the following links: