Do You Know Him?

Few years ago there was a period in my life where I struggled with the reality of God. I stopped praying and reading the Bible. I was in search for the truth. I was confused and disorientated. It was the “black age” of my life. To cut the story short, the Lord invaded my life once again and now I am totally convinced that there is nothing more real than God.

One of the things I have to struggle with after that period was my conscience. I felt as if I have betrayed the Lord over that period of time. I kept asking myself why I ever doubted God. I have experienced His love and grace, He has been so good to me, yet I doubted Him.

I was reminded of Judas and Peter, two of Jesus’ disciples, who both betrayed and denied Christ at some point of their lives. What is interesting was the outcome. Peter became the first pastor of the church but Judas killed himself. As I began to research these both characters, I realized that one knew about Jesus and His works and the other knew Jesus and His works.

We read the Bible and we hear sermons after sermons and that by doing this it helps us to know about God. We hear about His saving power and about how Jesus healed the sick and the countless number of miracles listed in the Gospels. But is knowing about God good enough?

Judas knew about Jesus but Peter knew Jesus. Judas saw the miracles but Peter experienced the miracles. Peter was the first among the disciples to have a clear revelation of who Jesus was. He was the only disciple who walked on water. Judas killed himself when he betrayed Jesus but Peter ran to Jesus for forgiveness because he knew the Jesus who lifted him when he was sinking will lift him up again.

Today I am free of my guilt. I know my Jesus has forgiven me and has restored me. I know that He has great things in-store for me and my family. At the end of the day, what really counts is not how much I know about Him but how well I know Him. No one can take away the experiences that I had with Jesus. I know and I know that I know that He is more real than ever.

When the Bible says Jesus is a healer; let’s experience His healing. When the Bible says that He is mighty to save; let’s experience His salvation. When the Bible says Jesus loves us; let’s walk in that love. It is not enough to know about Him but let us know Him.

By Kater B

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Tom Usher said...


I like how you've interpreted Judas and Peter vis-a-vis Jesus and each other.

The story of Peter shows Jesus's and God's forgiveness of the repenting heart.

I too started approaching and then fell away, without really realizing it.

After reading your words, I know I'm in good company.

God bless your blogging work. It has power.

Tom Usher
Real Liberal Christian Church