How much of Jesus did people see today?

A few days ago I was having an interesting conversation with a close friend. We were reminiscing about our younger days that mostly revolved around the church. The talk started on a very happy note but towards the end we were almost in tears. We were sad to see the youth meetings in churches today being reduced to almost nothing.

The first question that I asked myself was, where have we gone wrong? The youth meetings in some churches now are nothing but a babysitting time. They are so activity oriented that the name of Jesus is hardly heard anymore. Some churches are organizing events such as concerts that promote drug-free, clean and fun filled life, all in the name of youth ministry.

Well, what’s wrong with that? Let me make this clear before you jump to conclusions about what I have to say. I totally and firmly believe in churches getting involved in social work. In fact, my entire family is involved in Christian-based social work. I am not against good music and creative shows in churches. Having said that, I also believe that we cannot take Jesus out of our mission.

Creating social awareness is not our call as a church but rather to preach the Gospel of Jesus. Social work is just a part of the great commission. Churches today invest thousands of dollars in organizing a concert and take pride in the attendance but forget the real goal which is to preach the name of Jesus and to see lives saved. Concerts should just be a means whereby music is used as a tool to preach Jesus.

At the end of the day, our success should be measured by “How much of Jesus did people see today” rather than how many youth were jumping and dancing on the floor. The world doesn’t need another concert or another dance performance or another stage show; what it needs is JESUS. We are not called to entertain the world but to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has the power to save unto salvation for all those who believe in it.

By Kater. B


Anonymous said...

My friend your words have spoke volumes to my soul! We are to preach the Gospel as well as the way to Salvation. Our youth are drifting further and further away from us. We as a church and as God's messengers must bring them back to the truth. Our church right now is praying to God to guide us in how to bring the youth back to Him. I know He will lead us in the right way. Blessings!

The_Light's_Herald said...

AMEN to that! the church must actively seek God's work and obediently do the calling "to disciple all nations".

no hope is gone yet. i believe you should start the change in your place since you discerned it. i believe such knowledge is not an end in itself but to learn to have a deeper level of obedience before God even when others are not following.

God bless you and may you take action in what you have learned.