Tell Me Who Did?

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of emails from “unbelievers” in response to my arguments on the existence of God. I would say that almost all of them refused to see the logic and rationality in my arguments. It’s not that they can’t see it but they just refuse to see it. Instead, they try to prove me wrong by asking a different question. A mature person must counter argue with an answer or at least with a question that will challenge the point I am making. But this is not the case as it has been typical of the “unbeliever” to always counter argue by posing questions and theories not with logic or facts.

For an example, I received an email from a reader who (again!) refused to see my point but rather posed another question. He asked me if I could prove to him that man has a soul. Well, I can do two things right now. First, I could try to answer his question which I guess would most probably be replied with yet another question. The other thing I can do is to challenge all those out there with a list of questions. My challenge is rather a simple one.

If you would ask me to prove that man has a soul… I would like to ask you to prove that man has NO soul, not based on theory but rather by proven facts. That means you should have a logical and rational explanation for your arguments and counter arguments.

If you argue that God did not create the universe than tell me who did? Or how it was formed logically and rationally? Don’t tell me what you think could have happened but give me facts my friend.

By Kater B


Scott McQueen said...

Don't worry, the Bible says the struggles and chalenges will come as you come to Christ. Don't let the emails frustrate you. They may make you dig deeper in to your faith to answer questions, even though the questions are not yours. But remember, answering the emails may help bring another to Christ; just don't get frustrated when it seems it is just the enemy antagonizing you. You don't have to prove anything, God has already proven Himself to you, I, and many others. When it starts to get you down, remember to reflect Christ; and remember you have many friends and co-believers to fellowship with.
God Bless!

penlighted said...

It is really sad to hear arguments from people who doesn't believe that God is there. Just pray for them and don't mind them. Continue to speak about God's love to them...

Blessings to you Kater!

b*sherrie said...

It's frustrating to see how the devil has so many blinded to the truth of the Gospel. I tell people all the time that I don't have all the answers; I just try, by the grace of God, to emulate Christ in what I say and do. This is the greatest testimony to the existence of our Father in Heaven. Be blessed.

Matt Oxley said...

"If you argue that God did not create the universe than tell me who did?"

we (atheists+the scientific community) make no claims as to whom did or did not create the universe...we hypothesize as to the origin of it...that is it. God can certainly be included in any hypothesis---if we are required to prove our own hypothesis then you should be required to prove yours---we are working on it---are you?

The facts are, currently we have no clue how this all got started---may never, but we can't just assume god did it because we dont understand it yet.

The Muse said...

Answer with wisdom, with truth and with faith....
And all things will be as intended.
I believe your blog has a voice.

Dancesport Malaysia said...

Regarding the creation of the universe, I recommend that you read "A Brief History Of Time" by Stephen Hawking.

Dance Aficionado

Jill said...

Thank you for your blog. I think it just comes down to faith and some of us are wiling to let go and have faith in God and some are not.

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gLoR!e said...

The argument on this has never end. It is something to do with you faith and believe!:)

magma3637 said...

just believe in yourself (",)y

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Merry Christmas to you and yours.

WHITEShadow said...

People can more irrational to the truth if they want to. One of the thing I guess the push them aback is because of the pride and they don't want to know their responsibility and the consequences of what they are doing and so they thought it's better not to know the truth and that keeps them at the safer side. But if your intention is to know the truth, you have to prepare yourself for it and pray that you can accept it and ask for more enlightenment. Who else could there be to tell you about the truth if not the power of the Holy ghost? If we act upon it's promptings and keep ourselves always intunned to the spirit I'm sure that life is easier and we will learn wisdom in everything we do.

Anyway, just stop by to say Merry Christmas to you and your family -enjoy the fun.

Kater B said...


Dr.Bruce said...

One comment has at least one error in logic. The scientific community defines the world as purely natural. This is a scientific (and philosophical) statement that is unprovable.

The Cosmological Argument observers the scientific fact that there cannot be an infinite regressions of causes and posits a First Cause. This is both philosophically and scientifically defensible.

Christians observe the world and read the Bible and notice the striking corollation. They conclude that the Bible presents a picture of the true God. This is a defensible statement of faith and spirituality.

David said...

Science is beginning to grapple with the idea of God, if they don't exactly mention it that way. They come up with theories like the multiverse to try to explain existence. The multiverse is as much a leap of faith as belief in God. Whenever science starts talking about the multiverse, they are admitting they can't explain why we exist.

pchi said...

there will always be people who'll try to question you, argue with you or try to disprove what you say

but even if they're the world's greatest minds, even if they do make sense in their arguments

we know in our heart what's true and even if they don't believe what you say, I think you've made your part and that is you shared your faith

I've heard this from a sermon:

it's not your ministry to make people believe about what you say... it's the Holy Spirit's task. our task is just to share and talk about God's existence

Donna Bragg said...

We have an account of creation and there is no other. The Bible says that apart from the SPIRIT people will not understand the things of the SPIRIT. Believers have to take non-believers to the Ten Commandments and let the law mirror their true sin nature. Only when a person understands that they are a sinner and in need of saving from the wrath to come, will they reach for THE ONE AND ONLY SAVIOR...JESUS CHRIST!
Once they are filled with the SPIRIT,they will come to understand the TRUE origin of our world and all that is in it.

GOD Bless You!

Your sister in CHRIST,

Anonymous said...

You are right ... people do like to debate about Christianity. If someone is really seeking I'll engage in dialog. If not, I prefer not to cast pears before swine.