Have you waited lately?

Inspired by: Acts 1:4-
on one occasion, while he was eating with them, he gave them this command: "Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about

Led by instinct it enters a stage of solitude and there it waits…

It yields to the power of its creator Who had incorporated greatness in its origin. Silencing the voices of the world, it realizes its higher call, not to crawl through this world but to fly the skies and to reach the heavens. Its destiny is to amaze the habitants of this earth with its splendid beauty and to display the touch of the One who painted the universe through His words. As the caterpillar remains all alone, trusting totally in its maker, an unexplainable phenomenon begins from within. Its appearance and its form begin to change, a transformation beyond recognition.

Days and nights go by and the moment finally arrives when a new sensation fills its being. The newly created neuron structure, the specialized cells where each unit is accountable for receiving and transmitting information from the brain to throughout the body, begins fulfilling its responsibilities. An assuring voice calls for a breakthrough from within. With all its newfound might, it breaks the cocoon that enveloped it all these days. Blood rushes forth all through its being, screaming the message of freedom, without hesitation it leaps into the skies as a butterfly for all to behold.

God has planted greatness into each one of us too. To fulfill our destiny we need to silence the negative influence of this world and wait in solitude. We are to build a cocoon that will isolate us from the system of this world that has been polluted by the nature of sin. The awesome and magnificent day will come when you will be displayed for all to see; the wonder and the majestic work of our Lord.

By Kater B.

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