What's on the Price Tag?

Whenever we hear the word free today it makes us think, can anything be free? There is always a catch or a hidden agenda. To be honest, I think there is nothing free in the world anymore; everything has a price tag on it. For something to be free it has to be out of this world. This system of the world has somehow crept its way into our churches today.

The idea of “nothing can be free” has polluted the way we see and preach God. Most of the time we hear preachers saying that salvation is a free gift from God, but they add a price tag to everything else after that. The messages we hear today demands us to tithe or to serve in the church or to attend church services in order to be blessed by God.

But, that’s not what the Bible has to say. The Bible declares everything for free simply on the basis that Jesus had paid for everything in FULL when He died for us on the cross. When Jesus died on the cross He did not just make salvation available but with it financial blessings, health, peace of mind, love, care and everything one would need for a victorious life. Instead of bringing the voucher that Jesus had given us, we go to God with our works which is never enough to pay for anything from Him.

Let’s come out of this lie that has robbed us from God’s blessings. The truth is we tithe because we are blessed and we serve in the church because we are blessed, not to be blessed. God has given everything for free; it’s the church that has put a price tag on it.

By Kater B.

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