How did the universe begin?

How did the universe begin? This is the very first question that the Bible answers. It says “In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth” (Gen 1: 1). But somehow some people find it hard to believe it because if they do, then they have to agree that God exists. So after a lot of thinking they proposed a theory called the “Big Bang”.

The Big Bang theory suggests that the universe began from nothing. So in the beginning there was nothing and nothing becomes something. I am no PHD holder but I think I can say that this is mathematically wrong. When you introduce any value to nothing it always turn out to be nothing (1 x 0 = 0). I learned that back in my kindergarten year. They said that about 3 to 4 billion years ago the universe launched itself from “singularity” and when they were asked what “singularity” means, they said that they are “zones which defy our current understanding of physics”. In other word, it simply means “WE DON’T KNOW!” ( All the billions of dollars invested into the years and years of research just to say “we don’t know”? Come on, get a free Bible from behind the church pew.

The Bing Bang Theory is far from being a scientific fact. It is just a theory and idea - it is a belief. No one can claim that the Big Bang theory is scientific. To be honest it is more likely to be a fairytale. A fairytale always begins with these few words, “A very long, long time ago…” and the first few words of The Big Bang Theory are “Billions and billions of years ago…”, sounds familiar?

The word universe comes from two different words, “uni” which means one, and” verse” which mean sentence. My Bible tells me that God spoke and the universe come into existence. There is no other explanation and there will be no other rationalization to the beginning of the universe. God designed everything in this universe and finely tuned the laws that make life possible.

by Kater B

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Lori said...

The Bible say, He SPOKE and things were created. Wow! What an awesome God! And he knew each one of us before the foundations of the earth!
That blows my puny, finite mind.