Love Makes Life Beautiful

For a moment let’s put our imagination to work. Imagine a world without hills, mountains and the valleys that outline the painting of earth. Imagine a world without flowers, plants and trees that colors this canvas with its gorgeousness. Image a world without streams and falls, rivers, lakes and seas that brings life to this work of art. Imagine a world without the sun, the moon and the stars that frames these creations. Imagine a world without the birds of the skies, the fishes and the creatures of the waters and the wildlife that wander the lands, giving details to this drawing. The world will be a very sad place to be in without all this brilliant elements of nature.

The same could be said about love. Imagine a life without love. Life will be a tragedy. As much as humans need air to stay alive, we need love to live that life. Love gives us purpose and it motivates us to be a better person each day. When we fall, love carries us back to our feet and love helps us to find our way back when we are lost. Love turns our smiles into laughter and love gives meaning to our tears. With love we are able to feel and because of love we could stand the pain. Love creates and love builds to greatness. Love destroys and defeats evil. Love sacrifices and love gives without expectation.

Mother embracing her newborn close to her breast and a son holding his mother near to his heart, there is love. Father holding the hands of his girl as she takes her first step, and a daughter leading her father by his hands as he takes his few last steps, there is love. When two very different individuals commit to treasure each other for the rest of their life, there is love.

The Creator of the universe taking a form of His creation, humbling Himself to the point of death on the cross, forsaken and rejected and conquering death itself is the ultimate expression love.
Now for a moment, switch-off the television and the iPod, walk to that window and take a look at the world outside. It won’t take long for you to realize that love makes life beautiful.

By Kater B.


Lori said...

Yes, God is love. Everything we see is a gift from Him. Beautiful picture too!

WHITEShadow said...

Thanks for following my blog. And I should say that you have nice articles that made sense. You are welcome to share your input in my blog about the issues I posted.

Keep up the good works!

b*sherrie said...

Thanks for following my blog! I haven't had the chance to peruse yours, but I'm looking forward to reading it! See you around the blogosphere!

God is beautiful..:)

Scott McQueen said...

Tag you are it! Check it out on my Blog.

Take Care and God Bless!

Power Up Love said...

Yes, "life without love. Life will be a tragedy"

May God bless...

Kater B said...

can's stop thinking about His love...totally amasing