Your heartbeat

A glisten of dew on a blade of grass
bursts of gold and orange upon the sky
the unblemished crisp of air
the pregnant silence of the dawn,
Lord, I hear Your heartbeat.

as the measure of time called day shuffles to its feet
and life finds it voice; chirp, buzz, chatter;
scream, cackle, whimper, shriek, roar, murmur...
Yet, the stillness of Your presence,
Lord, I hear Your heartbeat

a woman holding a fragment of herself;
the newborn taking his first breath;
as she draws him to her breasts,
two hearts beating as one,
knitted together by love... complete and perfect,
Lord, I hear Your heartbeat

Here I am, down on my knees,
I opened the windows of my soul
You shone love into every recess, corner, curve, edge
the walls I so carefully built,

With Your gentleness You make me great
I could not begin to comprehend Your majesty,
in my humanity, I am but dust.

Words fail to frame my thoughts, Lord
I could only be still,
and know that You're God.
Here, in the stillness of Your beauty
and peace that surpasseth understanding,
in Your love's perfect purity,
Lord, my after Yours.

By Cynthia Phillioux

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